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Patrick Coveney
Patrick Coveney

Loree Mathews  CFO
Loree Mathews
Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Desmond
Lisa Desmond

Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson
Production Manager
Mike Guthrie
Mike Guthrie
Costing and Materials Manager


Les Layton
Les Layton—Designer

Les has been with PSI for over 23 years. He has a strong background in our CAD System Solidworks. Les creates many 3 dimensional designs for the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Industries in Arizona. Les can manipulate foam and corrugated materials to yield out efficient and cost competitive designs for our customers while considering our environment at the same time. Les is also very instrumental in creating foam endcaps for the semiconductor industry with long life spans for closed loop trips.

Craig Martin
Craig Martin—Designer

Craig has been with PSI for close to 20 years with over 25 years in the industry. Craig uses Artios and Solidworks CAD Systems to produce cost effective crating and wooden box designs for several aerospace manufacturers and defense contractors in town. He also has been very helpful with our Solar business as we are asked to house torque tubes and solar panels in protective materials comprised of dimensional lumber and plywood. Craig has had much success at eliminating old designs that are not freight friendly. He uses many foam densities as well as corrugated materials to shrink the packaging while protecting the product in environmental substrates. These ideas save several thousand dollars a year in freight for our customers.

Purchasing & Customer Service

Marisela Pimental
Marisela Pimental—Purchasing

Cindy Banks
Cindy Banks—Customer Service Manager

Noma Capella
Noma Capella—Customer Service
Kelly Whitson
Kelly Whitson—Customer Service


Donna Bonn
Donna Bonn—Sales

Donna has been with PSI for 3 years in sales with a background in printing and custom folding cartons. She has been extremely helpful in working with cosmetic companies in town emphasizing creativity during the foam assembly process with custom velvet topper applications used to market these companies. Donna handles many wooden box, crating and specialized electronics accounts for PSI.

Tim Johns
Tim Johns—Sales

Tim has been with PSI for 8 years in sales Tim handles many military and defense accounts as well as Solar for PSI. His specialty is customizing the kitted packs and foam lined crates using many densities of foam and corrugated as well as thermoformed plastics and chipboard boxes to insure the customer is happy with the outcome.